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PostPosted: Sun Apr 04, 2010 6:54 pm    Post subject: Some preliminary questions Reply with quote

Joined: 16 Apr 2009
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Vacations over, your needy user is back!

It was maddening not having my desktop running for so long, but was able to better focus on some personal life changes. Now its fixed (and switched to win7 and 64 bit!) and I am getting used to my new work schedule. I have had plenty of time to think about what I want to do with this wonderful product now that I am no longer connected with Guava Green. I have a tendancy to hyperfocus on one project at a time, so I am working on organizing my time so that in a week's time I am giving attention to two or three projects, as well as getting my chores done.

I have several ideas for Grome. The one thing common in all those ideas is that the end product must be of the right perameters to import into Unity. I have only scratched the surface of it so far, but I feel that if I am going to make games, that route is my best bet. If I cannot master the program, then I still want my scenes appropriate for Unity use for displaying in thier play engine for my portfolio. I also get to learn Blender. *makes a face* But I want the scenes in my portfolio to be all original.

1) EVERYone wants to make a farming game, and amazingly there seems to be no limit to the amount of neat farming games that can be successful on the internet...at the same time. Metaplace, where I used to beta test, opened thier farming game mid January on Facebook and now have 500K users.

I don't want to make a farming game. I want to understand why those games succeed. If I could figure out what the draw is, I would apply it to another scenerio. I would take an historical time period, recreate various societies and build a farming type game around that. Or something along the lines of Harvest Moon. There are historical war games. I think those are cool. But what I am talking about is re-inacting daily life. I remember in school all we were taught in high school was names and dates. I had no sense of what life was like in different times, until the advent of the History Channel. So I am talking about an emersive experience. Try to make the village activities in such a way to satisfy whatever those needs are that billions of people need in playing farming games.

2) Ever heard Jane McGonigal talk? Omg...
After that I had this game idea. I want to take my home town here of Enon Ohio, scoop a portion of it out and plop it into the middle of a vast ocean. The object of the game would be that whatever people just happened to be on that land at the time, had to survive. And they have to do it with only what is on that land at the time of the incident.

3) Once I am very familair with Grome I want to make a purely fantasical landscape with wrong colors and home made vegetation billboards, and make it so it still looks real. Or rather, could be real.

4) I would also like to redo the scenes I started before that are connected with the D&D game my friend has, only make them the right scale.

So my first two questions are this:

-How do I figure what resolution to use so that I know that when I do plug it into Unity it will be the right scale?

-If my recreation of a section of Enon, Ohio is a mile by a half mile, do I want to make it to scale? Or would that make it too long to walk from one point to another?
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PostPosted: Mon Apr 05, 2010 11:07 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

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Hi, glad to have you back!

About units, a thread with some good information is here:

Basically, to summarize, even if you don't have a unit setting in Grome, the actual units can be anything, they are generic. If you make a terrain 1000 x 1000 Grome units and consider that unit a cm, it would be 10 by 10 meters, or 1 by 1 km if you consider one Grome unit = 1 meter.

Most of the presets from Grome tend to work better when you have 1 unit = 1 meter. So maybe this is the best approach for you.

As for figuring out the scale, best is to have a static mesh representing a character (maybe export a character with no animations) and place it on the map, in various positions to get an idea of the scaling. You can also change the camera to move on terrain at a certain walking distance (see help for details).

When exporting, the default exporters will not apply any scaling so the generic units you are using is what you get on the disk. If you create your own exporter you can introduce units conversion in them.

About your Enon scene, a mile by half mile would be ok to be create in Grome without any problems. I recommend using multiple zones of 512 tiles so you can approximate your scene with 2 by 1 zones (1024 x 512, with 1 Grome unit per tile, so appox 1000 tiles are 1 mile). You can easily increase this resolution so you can have for example 8 by 4 zones of 512 tiles each with approx 4000 tiles = 1 mile. Grome can handle that.

Adrian L.
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