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Grome makes creation and editing of large terrain areas an easy task. Take the video tour and discover the main features.
Version Features
Explore the new features of version 3
Get support and information on dedicated forums.
Download Demo
Test the editor demo version.
Customizion Work
Customized builds as part of under-contract work are available for professional studios.
Graphite Renderer
Optimized outdoor renderer offered to Grome clients.
Grome Home Page

Grome - Torque Game Engine Advanced support

Quad Software and GarageGames offers Grome support for Torque engine. View Official Press Release. This support includes Grome exporter to Torque (working for both Grome Professional and Standard editions), full source code, documentation, tutorials and technical support:

 Quick Start

Easy to use, backed up by extensive documentation and video tutorials, Grome support for Torque offers engine developers a powerful tool to easily create limitless, natural looking landscapes.

Follow these simple steps to have Grome plugin up and running, create Torque compatible maps and visualize them in the engine.

 Terrain Exporter

Version: 2.00 (07/16/2009) for Grome 2
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1.21 (07/23/2008) for Grome 1

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Change Log

Install instructions:
Download plugin archive and unpack it into Plugins directory inside Grome installation folder. Overwrite old version if necessary.

NOTE: make sure you have latest Grome version (1.20.19 for Grome 1 or Grome 2)!

For users that need to extend the exporter we also offer full source code:
Grome 1 Plugin Source

Grome 2 Plugin Source

 Video Tutorials

Tutorial: Creating ATLAS Terrain
Author: James McLellan -
Date: 02/29/2008
Video Part 1: Creating Terrain Geometry in Grome
Video Part 2: Texturing Terrain in Grome
Video Part 3: Generating Lightmap and Exporting The Scene
Video Part 4: Visualize Final Result in Torque Engine
Data Files: Grome Map (unpack in Grome build),
Atlas Final Map
(use with Torque FPS Starter Kit)

 Additional Support

Official Grome support for Torque forum.

For more information about Grome editor go to editor homepage.
For details about Torque engine refer to GarageGames website.

 Legal Notices

Torque Engine, Torque Game Engine Advanced, ATLAS Engine, are registered trade marks of GarageGames Inc.

© 2008 Quad Software. All Rights Reserved. Grome Editor is registered trade mark of Quad Software SRL.

“Our community has asked for a reliable way to generate and edit massive terrains handled by ATLAS, and Grome is an excellent solution"

Brett Seyler
VP of Business Development

“The Torque community will love working with Grome and it should bring an immediate increase in the visual quality of their scenes"

Adrian Licuriceanu
Technical Director
Quad Software

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Grome-Torque Support

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