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Grome makes creation and editing of large terrain areas an easy task. Take the video tour and discover the main features.
Version Features
Explore the new features of version 3
Get support and information on dedicated forums.
Download Demo
Test the editor demo version.
Customizion Work
Customized builds as part of under-contract work are available for professional studios.
Graphite Renderer
Optimized outdoor renderer offered to Grome clients.
Grome Home Page

Ogre3D Support


Quad Software offers support for rendering Grome terrain inside Ogre3D engine (developed and owned by Torus Knot Software Ltd) using Graphite library. New Ogre3D classes are derived so the Graphite library is fully integrated with the engine. Integration source code is provided.

- Support for all Grome 2 terrain features (unlimited number of layers, masked textures, detail, specular and lightmap layers, vertical mapping).
- Support for detail layers (for grass, vegetation and large population of objects).
- Support for optimized rendering using Graphite custom LOD.
- Support for object instancing (as placed inside Grome).
- Easy to integrate into any application.

- Comes with full documentation and support.

Grome integration for Ogre3D (together with Graphite binary library) is free of use, for non-commercial or commercial products using Ogre3D engine, by all the Grome clients.


Latest Version:

1.00.27 (12/21/2009) - 43 MB - Download Now!
Install instructions:
Run the setup and follow the on-screen instructions. Read readme.txt for further details.

Next Version :

Additions :
Support for Grome water surfaces.



Sample map included with the demo. Contains terrain, grass layers and objects.

 Additional Support

Official Grome support for Ogre forum.
For more information about Grome editor go to editor homepage.
For details about Ogre3D engine refer to official engine website.

 Legal Notices

Ogre3D: Copyright ©2000-2009 Torus Knot Software Ltd.
Grome/Graphite: ©2000-2009 Quad Software. All Rights Reserved.

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