Version 03.11.09 (1.29.2014)

- Fix: gaps appearing in roads geometry.
- Fix: small (almost near 0) road step size would cause the program to stall. Now step is restricted to 0.1 units.

Version 03.11.08 (7.17.2013)

- While saving a scene with many swapped zones, the memory was not freed between unswapping and saving the zones to disk. So the memory was piling up and freed only at the end.
- Crash while giving focus to the application window after swapping operations.
- Flickering when resizing main window or the viewports (from the middle splitters).
- Errors while loading a scene saved with missing object resources.

Version 03.11.07 (7.08.2013)

- CONTROL + ALT + click now selects a single scene entities (deselect all previous selected one before selecting the new one).
- Fixed: some object meshes remaining in memory while no longer used.
- Fixed an issue with windows positions restore and multiple monitors.
- Fixed issues with roads when zero step is entered by user. - Fix for terrain road layers creating gaps in terrain geometry. - Fix for layer stitching on multi-resolution terrain zones.

Version 03.11.06 (4.16.2013)

- Fixed an undo issue after long program usage.

Version 03.11.05 (4.12.2013)

- Fixed various issues with scripting on 64bit.
- Fixed a crash at undo system when dealing with very large data (related to the scratch file size limit).

Version 03.11.04 (3.4.2013)

- Added water zones mask export to large data sets exporter.
- Large data sets exporter plugin snapshot output fix.
- Text export individual zone raw/png heightmap output fix.

Version 03.11.03 (3.10.2012)

- Added new source files to Grome SDK.

Version 03.11.02 (9.28.2012)

- SDK: added support for texture atlas packer. This provides an easy interface to pack images into single atlas files.
- Collada exporter: added options to pack images into a single atlas and to merge the geometry into a single chunk.
- Saving of scenes with missing images, removed the references to the original image files.

Version 03.11.00 (9.12.2012)

- Collada exporter: export only selected now works for objects (not only for terrain zones).
- General exporter: added option to exported packed masks in both 3 and 4 channel images.
- SDK: String type added to scripting language.
- SDK: Fixed various small bugs at SDK interface functions.
- SDK interface version upgraded to 31100 to indicate new functionality. Clients should recompile their plugins with the new SDK.
- SDK: Added iPluginManager SDK interface to allow browsing all the registered plugins.
- SDK: Added iExportPlugin::CustomExport to allow export with various options.
- SDK: Added new functions to iImage SDK interface to allow saving into custom buffers, advanced options to jpg output, to clone image or change its type.
- SDK: Added user custom filters for snapshots of the world.
- Materials: added the possibility to create materials that are sorted based on distance to camera.
- Materials: Added Glossiness Power Base parameter to terrain material layers Per Pixel Lighting shading.
- Materials: Added Glossiness Power Base parameter to objects Pixel Lighting material.
- Latest Graphite exporter is included in the build.

- Various issues with groups and object layers (objects that were inside opened or closed groups were not correctly handled when object layers were enabled / disabled or marked in use).
- Camera jump when using mouse pan, mouse zoom on scenes with low FPS
- Camera jump when going from low FPS to high FPS
- Object link pick (Apply at link point by direction from ObjectLink tool) didn't work for some objects on 32bit builds due to precision errors.
- Crash when applying ColorBake and we have a single layer (the one to be baked) present.
- Multiple rendering surfaces were allocated when doing offscreen snapshots from SDK on a scene with water surfaces. Now a single image is allocated and reused.
- When undo-ing the creation of a group, the subcomponents didn't returned to proper object layers.
- Selection remains rendered for objects that belonged to layers when the layer is disabled. This appears after user called undo to bring back the objects from global context to the layers.
- Geometric templates were not correctly rendered inside the data browser.
- Undo/redo of group creation didn't correctly restored the object positions in the scene.
- Groups created from SDK were removed when scene resources were updated.
- Sometimes objects from a group were incorrectly updated when the group was linked to terrain and the heightmap is modified.
- Entering a blank screen in a property table parameter was ignored.
- When saving scenes we first check permission to write to that folder.
- Collada storage plugin: fixed "image not found" for some variants of collada files.

Version 03.10.02 (10.31.2011)

- Fixed an issue with a crash while unswapping zones with object groups on them.
- Fixed an crash during saving scenes with missing objects.

Version 03.10.01 (10.21.2011)

- Collada storage now searches the images in the dae file folder and the first level of subfolders if the image is not found at the path indicated in the file.
- Various additions to SDK interfaces. Users must recompiled their plugins with the new SDK.
- Fixed an issue with objects layers: when deleting the terrain zone and undo-ing the operations, the layers objects were always pickable and visible even though the layer was disabled and not marked in us.
- Fixed an issue with objects layers: when undo-ing the operation of adding an object to a layer that was not marked in-use, the object remains un-pickable eventhough now it is not assigned to any layer.
- Fixed an issue with objects layers: layers that are marked as visible and not in use where not removed from the ObjectLink tool current list of layers we can link to.

Version 03.10.00 (10.12.2011)

See this section for details.
New features:
Terrain Editing Additions:
- Enhancements to flowmap erosion tool (new parameters and new presets).
- Easily create new terrain zones based on existing ones. Zone create tool can now use an existing terrain zone as a template when creating new zones.
- New Manipulate tool so you can change the material layers UV scale, rotation and offset using gizmos.
- New cell mode for Terrace tool to apply variable terraces.
- Possibility to indicate layers mask resolution as units per pixels. This helps user maintain the same visual resolution for zones of different sizes.
- New Expand and Shrink filters for masks and selection layers.
Objects System
- You can now organize your objects per separate layers. All the layer operations (hide, show, enable, disable) are now available for massive collections of objects.
- You can now write your own materials and shaders for objects. Shaders are written in OpenGL Shading Language. Have custom shader parameters exposed in Grome UI for the user to change.
- Improvements to the package browser: name filter to quickly find resources, possibility to show multiple levels of folders at once, display options moved into a separate window for a more compact view, new modal-less mode while working with spawn tool to quickly change the current spawning object.
- Enhancements to object spawn tools: pick mode to quickly respawn an existing object from scene, realtime preview of objects during brush operations, better distribution of objects when applying the brush.
- Improved terrain simplified mesh support: rendering of terrain meshes directly inside Grome with customized LOD distances.
- Terrain pixel lighting using global normalmaps and a new terrain layer pixel lighting material (with specular maps, glossiness and various other parameters).
- New pixel lighting material for objects with parameters exposed directly inside the editor UI.
- Possibility to create custom LOD chains with their own materials. This allows the user to overwrite the built-in materials for external object formats (e.g. assign complex GLSL shaders to Collada objects).
- 10x to 20x speed gain for all flowmap operations! We've developed a new way of organizing large terrain data using sparse images, sharing data in RAM and on disk. Flowmap Erosion, MaskGen and ColorGen using flowmaps, Flowmap Select and others tools have significant speed increase and less memory demands.
- Significant memory and speed improvements to the undo system, disk access and scene data memory consumption. We've improved terrain geometry data consumption (25-30% less memory occupied). Undo system now is using the scratch disk more efficiently, using more compact files.           
SDK and Plug-ins
- Improvements to Collada exporter: export of stitched simplified meshes, parameter to change geometry winding, option to remove terrain zones texture seams caused by bilinear filtering.
- Improvement to OpenSceneGraph exporter: export of simplified meshes and new parameters.
- Additions to SDK interfaces to allow access to custom materials, objects levels of details and other scene settings.
Various bug fixes.

Version 03.00.28 (04.22.2011)

New features:
- Added Copy operation for road layers: while in Selection mode (for layers view) right click on the road layer and select "Copy Road Masks". Then you can go to a selection layer, right click on it and select "Past Selection Masks". Now your selection layer are filled with the road footprint (road geometry and influence range) and can be used for various other operations (e.g. paint with a texture to indicate where the roads are).
- Updated the Collada exporter documentation with its latest UI changes.
- Presets for Simplify tool now contain the selection layers settings, too. The per selection layer settings are now restored.
- All road layers types of materials now work with per viewport fog off/on setting.
Fixed issues:
- Fixed an issue with ObjectBrush spawning objects: when the total number of objects to be spawned was reached the brush would choose first N objects instead using their density as a probability.
- ObjectSpawn: when switching from Geoposition mode back to Translation mode the pick position check value was lost (reset to non-checked).
- Fixed an issue that caused incorrect scene to be saved when Save As... was used.
- Fixed: object groups were incorrectly saved for cloned groups (Shift + drag in translate tool).
- SDK: iTerrainSelectionMap::GetValue, iTerrainSelectionMap::SetValue, iTerrainHeightmap::SetValue and iTerrainHeightmap::GetValue worked incorrectly affecting only the first pixel on the layer.

Version 03.00.26 (04.07.2011)

First public version of the new Grome 3.0 major release.
See this section for details.