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RS Digital Studio
PostPosted: Tue Jul 14, 2009 10:51 pm    Post subject: New distribution presets Reply with quote

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3 Questions
I was wondering if a description of the differance between each new preset could be given ?
And if the 90-0 and 90-90 could be returned or at least the settings posted here?
I found the afghan one great ,but one small problem with it for me is it slows down our system in a big way , as soon as its on, it takes 10min to generate any more layers , Grome is fine and runs fast except for this
And we have big systems

Off the topic If Alicu reads this , the possible bug with the water I mentioned the other day was my fault did not alter the alpha of the mask at creation ,hence patchy chequer pattern, its fine now.

Also when using the 90-0 and 90-90 preset setup I get a thin line of tranparecy at the edgws of the patches its also in the canyon one if you look at the demo and turn off all except the cliff walls , how do you get rid of this I have tried everything orientation, angle etc but it wont go away?
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PostPosted: Wed Jul 15, 2009 10:03 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

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I've uploaded the vertical mask generating presets here:

The last builds contain this preset but when installing over an older ones the presets are not overwritten so any custom settings of the user are not removed.

To import this on an existing build, just go to main menu at Tools and select Presets Manager. Then select import and point to this file.

Each preset depends on a multitude of values. For fractal tools, things may seem complicated since there are many parameters and most of them are interconnected (they affect each other). This apparent complexity is given by the fractal generation theory and one must really experiment to obtain good results. Parameters are described in the help, and modifying only one may produce intuitive results once you know the parameter meaning. But because they are interconnected when you modify more at once things can easily get non-intuitive. Users should really experiment with values and save their own presets. The default presets offer a large range of terrain features and it was obtain by our artists through experiments. Some of the values with visual results you can find here:


I don't know why the afghanistan preset is really slow, I need to investigate that. My suspicion is that I think it is using flowmap which may slow things down.

About the vertical seam at the border, this should not happen. I will check that. My opinion is (from what I can remember from the canyon sample) that the heightmap actually have a seam there (from the tools that were applied) so the masks just followed that seam. I will need to check on that as well.

Adrian L.
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