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PostPosted: Tue Apr 07, 2009 9:27 pm    Post subject: Real Earth terrrain importing help Reply with quote

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Hello Mike,

I am currently out of office for few days. Please post this request to
our forum and some of our software engineers will help you with links
(they've used various BT and RAW files for tests from free sources).

Adrian L.

Quoting mikehoisington@verizon.net:

> Adrian
> Thanks for your help.  I am new to this work. I would like to try
> the bt importer, but do not know how to get a real earth file to
> import to test and play around with.  I try to search online but get
> so many vendors trying to sell their stuff.  All I want to do is find
> a place to get the height map and BEV without having to search all
> over the place for them and get ripped off by someone.  I do not mind
> paying for a good product.  Can you make some recommendations for
> me? 
> Thanks.
> -Mike
> On Apr 7, 2009, ADRIAN LICURICEANU <licu@quadsoftware.com> wrote:
> Hello Mike,
> In version 1.2, you can use either the BT importer or the 16 bit RAW
> importer to get some satellite heightmap data into Grome. There are
> lots of sources on the Internet for bt or 16 bit raw heightmaps of
> real-world locations.
> Regards,
> Adrian L.
> mikehoisington@verizon.net[1] wrote: Adrian,
> Is it possible today to get a real earth height map and BEV of a
> patch of land in the middle east and see it in Grome?  It sounds like
> I should wait a bit.  I would like to get familar with the process
> even if it does not work completely. Can you help me with how to get
> the real earth height map and BEV?
> -Mike Hoisington
> On Apr 7, 2009, ADRIAN LICURICEANU <licu@quadsoftware.com>[2]
> wrote: Hello,
> We are more than happy to help our customers fully use Grome,
> especially if they help us integrate our editor with known engines out
> there.
> From my knowledge there are already users that are using Grome
> together with Visual 3D. We've communicated with them and also with
> Visual3D developers in order to make a proper integration between the
> editor and the engine.
> We are currently working on the next major release of Grome and one
> of its features is the possibility to export very large resolution
> images of the baked texture layers (what is also called Bird's Eye
> View). We've provided a work in progress version of this
> implementation and this is one of the methods some of the Visual3D
> users used to export Grome terrain in the engine (16 bit png and raw
> export for heightmap, and baked high resolution texture for images).
> We will have a new stable version in about a week and I will make sure
> you receive of copy of it.
> We also know that V3D is using splatting texture approach for near
> range images. We do plan to offer a more tight integration with
> Visual3D (an official support with full documentation) once the next
> major build of Grome is released (once we have a stable future version
> to work on). So please have some patience, because in the end we will
> provide this for sure. In the mean time any help is greatly
> appreciated (especially real-work scenarios, how our clients see their
> Grome scenes integrated and used in V3D, tips from experienced users
> of the engine etc.).
> Regards,
> Adrian Licu
> Quad Software
> mikehoisington@verizon.net[3] wrote: Hi,
> I just bought Grome Professional and I am serious about making a
> game.  I am working on a demo.  I need to be able to build a large
> area (Turkey to Egypt) real earth terrain and import this to
> visual3d.  I just want to start with a small piece.  I will be
> looking for land in northern Iraq area.
> Can you help me with the tools and process I need to do to
> accomplish this?   I am a programmer and have been writing code in
> v3d since December and am somewhat familiar with their architect.
> Your help would be appreciated.  I can google talk to speed things
> up.
> Sincerely,
> Mike Hoisington
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PostPosted: Fri Apr 10, 2009 7:50 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

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Hello Mike,

Some BT files you can find here:

Also vterrain.org is a source of lots of useful information about terrain.

Plus VBuilder:

Can be used to export bt formats. So you can import files from other formats in VBuilder and export them as BT for Grome.

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