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PostPosted: Thu Apr 03, 2008 5:03 pm    Post subject: Heightmap import Reply with quote

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OK so now I want to add trees and other objects into my scene but I made a terrain project.

The way I was going to get around this is to just export my scene into a heightmap in .raw format and then just import that heightmap into Grome and then re-texture it, add objects etc.

Turns out (and i've been through the forums on this) when I import a .raw file into a "complete scene" project, no zone is visible.

I am using Vista ultimate and have tried alt-tabbing, as well as saving and reloading the project to see if it would update the viewport. No luck so far.

Height and width: 10241
Value size: 16 bit
Value type: unsigned
Header: 0 bytes
Scale: 1.0
Tile Size: 100
ZonesX: 1
ZonesY 1
PositionX: 0
PositionZ: 0

What I find odd is that if I try to view the .raw in Photoshop I can only do so if I choose 8bit. I have tried importing 8bit as well as 16bit into Grome and it still doesn't show.

Thank you,

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 03, 2008 7:09 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

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First you need to be sure that your raw is 16 bit. This can be easily determined from the size of the file (it should be 10241 x 10241 x 2 bytes and not smaller).

Then one thing to notice is that Grome needs to work on zones of optimum size: 256 by 256, 512 by 512 or 1024 by 1024 are the normal sizes. That's because Grome it is allocating a continuous video memory for each zone (this is changed in version 2). So for your map best would be to select 20 by 20 or 10 by 10 zones (at Zones X / Zones Y). The map will be broken in this maps.

Also because your map is relatively big select to use swap as the zones are imported. A map this big cannot fit into memory at once. The exporter will swap out the zones as they are created. In the end you should obtain a scene with all the zones swapped. Swap in zones as you work on them (and swap out the ones that you don't use). Depending on your computer specs (RAM mainly) you should be able to work with 8 by 8 of 512 at once.

If you have other problems after following the above steps let me know. You can also try to archive the map and send it to me (licu at quadsoftware.com) and I will have a look over it.

Adrian L.
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