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PostPosted: Thu Dec 13, 2007 11:51 am    Post subject: Help needed for tracking down plugin bug... Reply with quote

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I have a very subtle bug that causes Grome to crash when exporting a level with our own plugin, but only when objects are previously loaded with our import plugin. I think our import plugin somehow corrupts Grome image/texture state, but I am not sure.

I tried to track down the error myself, but now I'm stuck and need your help Sad

If I disable texture loading in the import plugin, the crash does not happen. The relevant code is here:


    // construct name of texture.
        std::wstring tex_path = toUnicode(data_path_) + M_SZ("textures\\models");
        iStorage * img_storage = g_storage_man->GetStorageFromPath(tex_path.c_str());
        ret = img_storage->Parse();

        for (unsigned t=0; t<cur_mesh->getTextureName().size(); ++t)
            assert(cur_mesh->getTexData()[t].size() == cur_mesh->getVertexData().size());   

            // Create a texture with a default name, without storage.
            iTexture* tex = (iTexture*)g_sdk_root->NewNode(C_NODE_FACTORY_TEXTURE, NULL, NULL, NULL);

            // Set the image from the storage as the source of the texture.
            tex->SetSourceImage(toUnicode(cur_mesh->getTextureName()[t]).c_str(), img_storage);

            // Now load the image and fill the texture.
            ret = tex->Load();
            assert(M_SUCCEED(ret) && "Couldn't load texture");            

            surface.textures[t]               = tex;
            surface.texmaps[t]                = (void*)&cur_mesh->getTexData()[t][0];
            surface.texmaps_no[t]             = cur_mesh->getTexData()[t].size();
            surface.texmaps_indices[t]        = &indices[0];
            surface.texmaps_indices_stride[t] = 1;

Could you just take a brief look at it and see if it does anything fundamentally wrong? Objects display nicely in grome, lightmap and all, so the basics should be ok.

If there is no mistake in the code above, I will send you a crash report and the exporter code which causes the crash.

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 14, 2007 8:27 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

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I don't see anything wrong with your code. I've actually tried to replicate the bug with the following code (which does the same image operation):


   iStorage * img_storage = g_storage_man->GetStorageFromPath(M_SZ("C:\\temp"));
   iTexture* tex = (iTexture*)g_sdk_root->NewNode(C_NODE_FACTORY_TEXTURE, NULL, NULL, NULL);
   tex->SetSourceImage(M_SZ("temp.dds"), img_storage);

It may something related to other operations (than the SDK loading of textures).

Please send us the crash report. It may not help since the crash is happening in the SDK. What I fear is that the bug is related to your data. It may happen only for some images.

Adrian L.
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