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PostPosted: Sun Apr 08, 2007 12:40 pm    Post subject: LOD - colormap and detail map Reply with quote

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Until I figure out how to export my Grome terrain directly to a DirectX file, I will be importing my Grome terrain into my engine via LOD (Level of Detail).

The LOD method renders the terrain using three files, height map file, color map file, detail map file.

So my engine, currently accepts only three (3) files:

1. Height Map file
2. Color Map file (4096 x 4096) - bmp, jpg, png
3. Detail Map file - bmp, jpg, png

The Color Map allows you to identify the image used as a texture on the terrain. The Detail Map contains black and white images used to provide intracate detail to the terrain, and to help hide pixelation.

For now, I need to best understand how to use the Standard edition to generate the Color Map and Detail Map file.

For example:

1. Should I use one color layer for my color map file and another color layer and for detail map file?
3. Is it possibile to code an export plugin so I can have 4 color layers export to 1 color map file?
4. What functions should I use to determine the detail and color map file data in Grome to export (e.g C_TEX_CHANNEL_MASK)

Any help here is greatly appreciated.
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PostPosted: Mon Apr 09, 2007 10:14 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

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To create the configuration accepted by your engine you must do the following:

- create any number of zones you want.
- create 2 layers of terrain: one with Simple color as shading and the other with Masked detail.
- attach the layers to the zones. When attaching the Masked detail, because you don't actually use a mask for the detail (your engine doesn't support masking for the detail), create a very small white mask for the layer. You do that when assigning the layer and the material layer properties dialog is shown (just select new for the mask, select small values for width and height (you can select 1 by 1 pixels) and select white as color). Thus your detail is always visible. For the detail texture itself select your desired black and white detail image.
- create the color layer by using ColorGen or/and color brush. I recommend first creating it procedurally (with ColorGen) and after that manually modifying it if necessary with the brush.
- set the mask layer properties for tile and rotation as desired.
- Export using for example text exporter. Ignore the mask as you don't use it.

I will prepare a map in this way for you to see how it fits with your engine.

If you want to construct an exporter yourself you get the images from the
C_TEX_CHANNEL_TEXTURE (both are the textures). One of the layers (the detail one) has a mask too (at C_TEX_CHANNEL_MASK) but you ignore that.

Adrian Licu
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